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Photo Credit: @MeganViningPhotography

Photo Credit: @MeganViningPhotography

About the photographer

Hey, hallo! I'm Karina Beck.

I'm a simple gal who loves Jesus and enjoys iced espresso. I'm a self proclaimed perfectionist, but love the beauty of the imperfect. My inspiration for Light and Armour Photography continually feeds from my passion to capture pure emotions, especially within my own family. 

My children, Thea and Caedmon, inspired Light and Armour Photography. I love and appreciate names with a meaning or a story. Thea, our daughter, means "Gift from God." The purity and delicate nature of this name inspired "Light" (although, if you know my daughter, she's fiercely independent and a real firecracker). Caedmon, our son, has a name derived from "battle" (Caed). "Caedmon" was also the first documented Christian poet. The strong nature of his name inspired "Armour." And, then came Jude. “Jude” is derived from the Bible and means, “to praise,” which is a perfect sentiment as we welcomed out last baby to the family.

I know how crazy life can be with littles and I especially know how difficult it can be to capture them on camera. The moments of our babies as infants and toddlers are fleeting; which is why I love capturing family lifestyle sessions. For the times I say, "I'll remember." I don't know about you, but I've been notorious for saying I'll remember something...but, in reality, just "remembering" is not enough. I need to write things down, for it to stick. Our memories are no different. I want something tangible to hold in the future when we grow old. 

I know how it feels to live a life that doesn't stop. Don't worry, I can keep up! Whether you're interested in lifestyle shots of your children, a romantic sunset session, or a sunrise adventure in Europe; count me in! Too often I say, "I'll remember" when in reality I probably will not. This simple notion is what inspired me to capture my growing family and now why I want to do the same for others.

Memories can be forgotten; images will live for generations.