About me

Behind the Lens

I’m Karina Beck! I believe in preserving our beautiful ordinary. I believe in everyday moments, refined. I want to hear your voice, telling your story, in each image captured. I want us to be intentional with our moments and thoughtful with our choices. Planning a session that reflects what is important to you, right now in this season.

I am a wife, mom of three, and a believer in Christ. I am a friend to chaos and can keep up with any adventure. However, I welcome stillness when a season calls for it. I love to create magic in the ordinary. Traveling and exploring new locations bring me joy. I prioritize having new experiences! I do enjoy a plan, but love the thrill of being spontaneous.  

Behind the Name

Light and Armour Photography became a business while we lived in Germany in September 2017. However, “Light and Armour” was a preexisting name, inspired by my children during the winter of 2016. My son was born early November and I had 2 under 2 at home. I had been thoughtfully considering names for a blog or small business during the winter of 2016, when “Light and Armour” suddenly came to me, while we were sitting in Church on a Wednesday night in El Paso, Tx. My daughter’s name is Thea, which is derived from “Dorothea” which means, “gift from God;” Thea is also the Greek Goddess of shining and light. My son’s name is Caedmon, broken down, means, “battle” (Caed) and all together, “warrior.” Hence, Light and Armour. I had always envisioned a business name with a story and an emotional connection. When I ultimately decided to pursue photography, I knew Light and Armour made sense. My youngest is named Jude and he was born in April 2019, which means, “praised” or “rejoice.” In hindsight, his name was the perfect cherry on top for unifying “Light and Armour” for my whole family. OH, and I believe it is never too late for a cup of coffee.

"Watch carefully the magic that occurs, when you give a person just enough comfort to be themselves."