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When booking a session with me, rest assured that your vision is my number one priority. You can expect a relaxed, lightly guided experience with soft posing and playful interactions. I love capturing the here and now, so that you can cherish and hold in the future. The tender love, sweet glances, belly laughs, and precious poses. Family tickles, pillow fights, story time, and smooches. Castle exploring, village perusing, and field frolicking. I want to be the fly on the wall capturing these fleeting moments just where they are. While your love is fresh, family is growing, children blooming to adults, and adults rocking life. I offer style guidance and have a small client wardrobe. I will scout for the perfect location and continue to help throughout our session, so it feels natural and flattering to all.

I want your session to be more than just a block of time with me. Each and every client means the world to me, and you all are more than just marks on my schedule. I am invested in you. I strive to deliver a gallery that will serve as tributes to your legacy. For the times you say, "I'll remember."